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" Before I took a contract to store my mobile doggie wash van at Centennial Storage, I looked at other options. Most important is access anytime, 24/7. I was actually surprised to find that some storage places are only open weekdays from 8am to 5pm. I need access to restock product and to clean the van before and after operating hours. And I can rest easy at night knowing that my HOA isn’t going to cite me for violating the neighborhood rules of no parking in my driveway overnight. They are serious about the fines. And now I can park my van at Centennial at night knowing I won’t lose everything I made in a day paying a fine. I thank you, Centennial! "
- Christie M., Broomfield


" My husband is an avid ATV fan. We’ve got two stored in our double car garage in our suburban community. The neighborhood HOA prohibits parking any boats or RVs on the driveway. And because I’m on the board, we are religious about following the community rules. This past winter, the weather broke my enthusiasm for our RVs taking up the prime parking space. I scraped ice off my car windows too many times. I told my husband I wanted my garage back. So we now store our ATVs at Centennial Storage. We’re confident our ATVs are even more secure at Centennial than leaving them in our garage because of the intense security in place at Centennial. We recommend every ATV fan rethink storage options like we did. "
- Deb F., Centennial


" I always have a Plan B. Been that way since I was a Boy Scout. The past decade has been good to my construction business. But one thing we’ve learned is that timely delivery of materials is essential to keep our numbers up and our customers happy. I’ve learned that I need to have materials on hand, not relying on getting them locally or waiting on delivery. Ccorpinsights.com reported Dec. 20, 2019 that moving into 2020 Colorado’s residential sector will pick up again and the education sector to grow at 2.6%. I signed up for one of Centennial’s gated contractor storage lots. I can keep everything I need in this 60 ft. x 80 ft. gated section. Trailers, trucks, equipment and specialty materials that I cannot source locally. This is my Plan B and it wholly supports my Plan A. The best news is that my books demonstrate the plan works. My net is up over years past because I can promise to meet deadlines since I have the materials on site. Thanks to Centennial Storage. "
- Cal E., Denver


" We bought our Airstream as our retirement vacation home. We can take the kids and grandkids and not break the bank with extra room charges. The first year, we took it on the road at least twice a month. But we find now that the grandkids are playing varsity football and baseball, we want to be in the stands cheering them on. We still use the Airstream, but it’s between high school sports seasons. We trust that our custom finished Airstream is safe at Centennial. When we make a plan for a multi-generational getaway, my son and daughter-in-law head to Centennial Storage to get the Airstream while I hit Whole Foods and my husband gets the gear ready to load. It’s that simple. And the best part is that the Airstream is safer in storage than it would be parked on the street where it’s vulnerable to being hit by passing vehicles. Centennial is the best all around! "
- Mel B., Englewood


" Centennial Storage met all our needs and the support facilities for an RV were great. We needed a covered spot for our 43’ RV and we had two to choose from Centennial Storage staff members were there to help guide the RV in. Additionally, if we had any requirements that were short-fused, we received an answer within 15 minutes. The flexibility of Centennial Storage in meeting our needs made a difference! Without hesitation, we recommend Centennial Storage. "
- Carol L., Greenwood Village


" The flexibility of Centennial Storage in meeting our needs made a difference! Without hesitation, we would recommend Centennial Storage. The management is dependable and reliable and they understand the needs of their tenants. Centennial Storage has made numerous improvements to their lots to accommodate state-of-the-art technology and card access/CCTV monitoring systems. I fully endorse Centennial Storage LTD for all of your storage needs. "
- Neil J., Littleton
First Month Free with all one-year pre-paid storage contracts Call Us Now